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You and several others have passed away. Rather than being sent to Heaven or Hell, the powers that may be are unable to decide where you should go. You wake up in the Garden of Eden whose new home has been made in Limbo. You have three options: either take the trials to earn your place in Heaven, live it up in Hell, or remain lost in Limbo for eternity. It's a lot to take in fresh off your deathbed...

but maybe you can find peace along with your new friends in the afterlife. Repurpose is an LGBT+ positive dating sim about death, love, and finding your purpose. We offer the ability to play as the gender that suits you best be it cis, trans, or anything else on this beautiful mess of a spectrum! The cast of REP are all in some capacity queer from their sexuality and/or gender! Warning: The following game contains Strong language, sexual themes, references to death, mentions of police violence, discussions of gender and sexual identity, mild horror elements, mild violence, and is intended for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised!


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