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Room Affair

Room Affair main image


"Room Affair" invites players into unfolds between an unconventional pair thrown together by circumstance. As a late-starting university student constrained by financial limitations, our protagonist finds solace in sharing accommodation with a mature woman after responding to her ad seeking a roommate.

Over the course of a year, their relationship transitions from mere cohabitation to a compelling, adult dynamic. When summer arrives, our university-bound character opts to stay and attend summer school, choosing to spend this time with their housemate, further deepening their connection and culminating in an accelerated yet meaningful adult relationship.

The game enhances with the kinetic visual novel and fully voiced in-game storytelling experience. The game aims to provide you with an approximately one-hour adventure. I hope you have a blast in my first game!‚Äč


Room Affair game image: img0.webp Room Affair game image: img1.webp Room Affair game image: img2.webp Room Affair game image: img3.webp Room Affair game image: img4.webp Room Affair game image: img5.webp Room Affair game image: img6.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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