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Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine main image


Saint Valentine: Saint Valentine is a short completed VN designed as a gift for those who support us and for those who want to get to know us. This is the second game where we follow Mr. Grim, a man with an icy gaze, trained to kill. In this episode, Mr. Grim is living in a hideout with a girl whose name is Emily. On what appears to be a normal fugitive's day, Frank Grim receives a call from an old friend and suddenly the day becomes very hectic. Frank will have to put his skills into play to complete a new mission involving a person from his past. This game is our first attempt to explore the features of Ren'py, an engine that deviates from the RPG Maker engine we use for our games. We hope we did a good job and you enjoy the game! If you like Saint Valentine, we invite you to try also the prequel, Christmas Bloody Christmas, and The Djinn Chronicles: Erenon, our RPG game that we are developing in parallel. We would be very happy to have some feedback in order to improve and bring ever more pleasant and playable products!


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