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School Game [v0.904]

School Game [v0.904] main image


School Game is a game with RPG elements. You create your character and evolve in a school environement. Learn skills, buy equipement, meet classmates, build your reputation and budget, be a member of the student council and various clubs, and improve your relationship with the head of the student council, which you may decide to replace.

Isn't it what everyone wanted in high school, even in student years: complete freedom of action?


School Game [v0.904] game image: img0.webp School Game [v0.904] game image: img1.webp School Game [v0.904] game image: img2.webp School Game [v0.904] game image: img3.webp School Game [v0.904] game image: img4.webp School Game [v0.904] game image: img5.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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