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School Transformation [v0.1]

School Transformation [v0.1] main image


This is a game about a young man that is still in college when he gets the diagnose that he has some special kind of cancer. After a few month a experimental pill is found that could help cure his cancer. He took this pill because he did not want to die and turned into a woman after a few days. Here the story begins.

The game has a relationships system based on that the characters will act differently in the future towards you. So build your relationships wisely. (other things like money, lust, condoms play a roll too and are counted by the program from version 0.2 onwards.)*Your Goal is to not get pregnant in the next 3 months until the hospital makes the new experimental pill that will turn you back.

Sounds easy, right? Right?????*


School Transformation [v0.1] game image: img0.webp School Transformation [v0.1] game image: img1.webp School Transformation [v0.1] game image: img2.webp School Transformation [v0.1] game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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