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SchoolMate 2

SchoolMate 2 header image


School Mate 2 is marketed as a sequel to the School Mate game, both produced by the Japanese company Illusion and released for the PC on June 25, 2010. This is an eroge based on a story line divided into 19 chapters which, when successfully finished, unlocks the free play mode. In addition, new elements such as expression of liquid and hair by physics operation are packed. Of course the cuteness like an animated character also powers up! Please enjoy 'real time 3D animated shader' with ' Sukuu Mu 2″ and 'rich etch with easy operation'!​


SchoolMate 2 game image: img6.webp SchoolMate 2 game image: img5.webp interactive incest gameSchoolMate 2 game image: img4.webp SchoolMate 2 game image: img3.webp SchoolMate 2 game image: img0.webp SchoolMate 2 game image: img1.webp SchoolMate 2 game image: img2.webp

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