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Sexaroid Assembly

Sexaroid Assembly main image


Japan, Year 3017. The world was full of AI. The robots, which was now able to be made for cheap, was walking around everywhere in various places and there existed a place where engineers of 1000 years ago only dreamed of. Out of all, the development of Erotic was magnificient. Those robots that satisfies the sexual desire are called Sexoroids and there are sold like the orgasm hall. Sofa 'SO-5.

Start Successful' Give command to Battleroid 'Sofa', modified Sexoroid for battle and aim for the championship in the battle tournament of Battleroids and battle machines. However, there will be 'humiliation' if you lose the battle. Sofa * Battleroid 'Sofa' Battleroid, modified from Sexoroid. Her emotion level is low like a robot but with the 'Heart Drive', she slowly starts to become better in expressing her feelings.

Due to this effect, her reaction during sex gets wilder. May Main Character's friend. Skilled Engineer. Involves herself with the main character whenever there is something happening. She is quite a bitch, having relationships with many men.


Sexaroid Assembly game image: img0.webp Sexaroid Assembly game image: img1.webp Sexaroid Assembly game image: img2.webp Sexaroid Assembly game image: img3.webp Sexaroid Assembly game image: img4.webp Sexaroid Assembly game image: img5.webp Sexaroid Assembly game image: img6.webp Sexaroid Assembly game image: img7.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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