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SlaveBar [v191115p]

SlaveBar [v191115p] main image


In a world ruled by high-elfs a human slave is trying to survive, as it is given a chance to earn its freedom by fulfilling the conditions of an one of a kind pact between a slaa and an noble.You open a bar to get money, yet not just a simple bar, but one for noble's fetishes. As the dishes served here are made out of body fluids, gathered thru a mating act.

For that reason, you have a whole farm with various h-slaves to harvest from :3


SlaveBar [v191115p] game image: img0.webp SlaveBar [v191115p] game image: img1.webp SlaveBar [v191115p] game image: img2.webp SlaveBar [v191115p] game image: img3.webp SlaveBar [v191115p] game image: img4.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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