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Soles of Lakeview

Soles of Lakeview main image


Madeline wasn't able to get into college after high school. Flunking a class does that. A sheltered life and a secret obsession are hampering her growing into a young adult. This mostly kinetic story will follow the story through Lakeview, a summer prep course that helps young women get back on track, but things always seem awry when they are connected to the strange, distant and magical realm of Endara...... "Soles of Lakeview" is a lesbian-only foot-fetish themed game. It is heavily within that genre.

It's not optional. If you do not enjoy lesbian foot content, you will definitely not like this story. It is somewhat connected to the Endara Chronicles, but can be played on its own. I hope you enjoy this small fetish-based story. The story will be mostly kinetic, though some options will be given to the player to experience.

The current version, called Prologue, is just the beginning. More content will follow during later months.


Soles of Lakeview game image: img0.webp Soles of Lakeview game image: img1.webp Soles of Lakeview game image: img2.webp Soles of Lakeview game image: img3.webp Soles of Lakeview game image: img4.webp Soles of Lakeview game image: img5.webp Soles of Lakeview game image: img6.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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