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The Ascendants

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The Ascendants is a mysterious group who has been conquering cities and declaring their independence. Their ways and methods are secret, their existence is shrouded in mystery and their objectives are unknown but one thing is for sure, they're on the move and it's only a matter of when and where. You play as The best secret agent in the history who has been assigned to Rusumra City by the higher-ups of the Capital of the United Lands to intercept and infiltrate The Ascendants then eliminate them. You've been in slumber state for 7 years without contact with HQ, Waiting for their arrival, living a normal life with your wife, and an ordinary job. They Have Arrived! Buckle Up! The Ascendants is a Femdom Themed game with multiple paths, some choices and a little bit of humor. Episode 1 focuses on the story and introducing the characters. There is sub and dom points for the MC and relationship points with the major characters. In the future releases, there's going to be exclusive scenes for sub and dom paths and the game will branch out even beyond those two paths.


The Ascendants game image: img7.webp interactive incest gameThe Ascendants game image: img6.webp The Ascendants game image: img5.webp interactive incest gameThe Ascendants game image: img4.webp The Ascendants game image: img3.webp The Ascendants game image: img8.webp The Ascendants game image: img0.webp The Ascendants game image: img1.webp The Ascendants game image: img2.webp



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