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The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL]

The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] main image


This is the MiniGame Version designed as a Technology Demo of our upcoming game ''the Family Business''. In 'the Family Business' you will play as Alex, a 23 years old boy. He lived alongside a family that cared for him as if one of their own. After he finished the second year of high school the father of the family decided to sponsor Alex so that he can get a better education abroad.

After completing his high school education in two years in a different city and living in hiatus for a couple more, Alex spent two years studying business. Getting a phone call from Nicole, he had to go back to the house he left years ago. Is Alex going to be able to reconnect with the family he once lived with? What has changed? What is in store for them? We have read every comment here and we are aware of the interest in all the characters in our game.

Due to the limitations of the demo both time and resource wise, we couldn't give each of them the attention they have deserved. Because of that, we would like to create one shot short stories with the characters from ''the Family Business'' for you guys. These will be produced as side projects while we are working on the main game and not going to be considered canon.

Instead, they will be part of the Parallel Universe series, much like Marvel's ''What if?'' series. Production of these stories will never hinder the development process of the main game and its updates. Nicole is the clear winner of the first poll and we've started the development of a really cool ''One Shot'' with her. A beautiful, mature brunette with wide hips, ample breasts and height of 180, Nicole is the mother of the family.

Strong, independent woman. She was a model back in the day. Started her career when she got discovered in a high school beauty pageant. Around 18, her career gained momentum when Nicole decided to work with Jeff Lawrence. During their work relationship, they've also started developing an intimate one on the side.

After a couple of years, their intimate relationship resulted in a marriage and the following year, Nicole's relationship with her sister Kiera came to a halt for unknown reasons. Its been more than 20 years, they are still not talking or seeing each other. In the meantime, Nicole's family became a crowded one with the birth of her children Alice and Raven.

Jeff and Nicole decided to establish their own company. Nicole strayed from her modelling career and pursued a new one with Jeff's support as a clothing designer while Jeff kept working as a modelling agent. Our duo kept working side by side, supporting each other. Everything seems perfect from a distance.

However, there were clouds gathering. In the event horizon, the family fell apart and now Nicole is the only one trying to carry the weight of the whole house... Financially and emotionally... Now that we know her history, lets take a look at her interest and personality. Nicole loves reading fashion magazines.

Its been her favorite past-time event ever since she was a little girl. With her involvement in the industry, its also a professional necessity these days. She never misses a fashion show if its possible. Either follows from TV and Social Media or goes to the event if its close by. Nicole is a huge coffee fan.

Most of the people find it hard to wake up without the smell of a fresh cup of coffee but Nicole simply thinks its impossible to live without drinking coffee. There is no bad time for taking her heels of, pulling her legs close to her chest and drinking a hot cup of americano while reading a good article. Of course a coffee break is nothing with a good background music for Nicole.

When it comes to choosing songs, she immediately goes for the classics. No no, not Mozart or Tchaikovsky... We are talking Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and of course R.E.M. Being a high school girl mid 90's defined her taste in music and when it comes to interests, you'll quickly realize that she is not 'a regular' mom. Don't get to comfortable though, she still is a 'mother' for all intents and purposes.

A highly responsible one too. Towards her family she can be super strict. Especially when it comes to the younger daughter, Raven. Some might call her overprotective but we are sure she has her reasons behind it. Nicole never runs away from responsibility and excels under heavy, even impossible workloads.

Always pushing the envelope, she has an addiction of proving herself. Most of the time she manages too. When that happens, you can see her letting her hair down with a nice glass of red in her hand, enjoying a hot bath... Lately she seems to be overwhelmed though... Maybe you can find a way to make her relax a bit... Stunning blonde twin of Nicole.

She is an absolute bombshell if we are talking exterior. Just a little bit shorter than her sister with 177 but makes it up thanks to her amazing curves. During the high school years Kiera was laser focused on her classes unlike her twin. She didn't have an entourage like her sister either. Popularity didn't follow Kiera even though she carried the high school volleyball team to the top singlehandedly by being the best captain they've ever had.

To be honest, she didn't mind that anyway. After her sisters huge success with the beauty pageant, she always supported Nicole. Until Jeff and Nicole decided to marry. To this day, no one knows the reason behind their breakup with Nicole but not being on speaking terms for 20 years must have something big behind it. After her high school education our favorite blonde decided to study marketing.

During her second years mandatory internship Kiera started working for an investment firm as an assistant to the marketing director. Working under a successful and ambitious man, she learned so much about her future occupation and began to harbor some feelings for the guy too. After a while she came face to face with a life changing decision.

Accepting his proposal, they've married a year later. Being married to someone 15 years older than her, she dropped out of university first. Kept working with her husband for a while but that changed too. With each passing day, she felt her unstoppable transformation from the ambitious blonde assistant to the house wife.

The fight with the Nicole after all of those changes didn't help either. Losing her beloved sister and abandoning her plans for the future, Kiera accepted her fate... It all sounds doomy and gloomy but we are far from finished. Lets get to know her a little bit better. After marriage Kiera is an amazing looking trophy-wife but she is also highly intelligent.

Staying at home, she found a way to hone her skills on manipulating people. It was the only way for her to deal with her husband anyway. She is extremely active but if you see her standing still, you can be sure that she is plotting something crazy. Living the house wife life meant being alone while the husbands out working.

Keira tried everything when she is alone. Cooking, painting, photography... Only thing that stuck with her however was working out. Aerobic, yoga, swimming, running, tennis... You name it, she does it. Fair warning, don't cross paths with her if she misses her morning routine... That is if you wanna live to see another day of course. She is also obsessed with elegance.

Wearing a beautiful dress, putting on a subtle makeup and going out for some Italian will always make her happy. You can see a completely different face of Kiera if you include a good bottle of red into the mix. Don't try to outdrink her though. She'll eat you alive. Overall, she is going to be the coolest Aunt there ever is.

If you don't try to use her laidback nature against her, you'll be best friends for sure. How and why is she gonna join the family is the biggest question for the time being. Another brunette from the fold. Eldest daughter of Nicole and big sister of Raven, Alice is the spitting image of her mothers younger days.

Slim built body with just enough curves accompanied by a warm smile to make your heart sink. She has the signature 'Avalon' eyes just like her mother and auntie Kiera. Nicole is of course aware of the resemblance and she is extremely grateful that likeness between them stops with the exterior for some reason completely unknown to us. Alice was always a quiet kid.

Didn't have problems with her classmates and grades. Never rebelled against her family. Never been in a fight or became the topic of a gossip wave. She was just Alice... Girl sitting by the window. Girl who hangs out with Alex. Girl with the psycho little sister and of course, girl with an ex-model mother who still looks stunning. Only notable thing about her high school life was her friendship with Ruby and Alex.

With Alex's departure, they become even closer friends with Ruby but the graduation also brought the end of that relationship. She wanted to study photography so decided to stay at home a couple of years to build a big portfolio. With everything going on in the family, she had to start working. When she was looking for work, Ruby re-entered her life with a proposition.

Since then, they've been working as the waitresses of a small coffee shop. That's all there is to know about her history for the moment. Lets move on to more personal stuff. If there is any artistic aspect to the topic, whatever it may be, Alice is all about it. Music, painting, photography, cinematography, books...

Most of the time, you can find her reading a good novel laying on the sunbed, listening to her favorite artists with a cocktail on the side, be it night or day. If she is not doing that, you can be sure that she is either in her room, watching a movie while crying her eyes out or in the living room catching up with her favorite tv show.

Bring her some popcorn during those times and you are the best person in the world. Suggest a good show, movie or a book to her and she will worship you. Since she has to work every other day, maintaining a good routine is a must. On her workdays, Alice wakes up early to make herself a fresh cup of coffee.

At least she wants to. Most of the time she just oversleeps and rushes to the shower before running to work. To sum her up, she is a romantic, responsible and fragile daughter of the house. She used to like you a lot. We'll see what happens with your return... This petite box'o trouble is surely a handful.

She makes up what she lacks in proportions department with her rebellious nature. Little sister of Alice, Raven is everything Nicole was afraid of. If you split Nicole's personality in half, pink candy flavored bits gives you Alice while every grimy, gritty and gloomy part that remains produces a troublemaker called Raven. Growing up, she always adored Alex, looked up to him.

With his departure, she fell apart. Tried to hold on to whatever Alex left behind. After a short while, her grades started to drop... Long term friendships ended... Alex's kitten became a fierce woman in his absence. Currently she is still struggling with high school despite being 18. If she fails again, she will be a dropout.

Everyone prays that she pulls herself together and push trough her last year but no tutor can handle our little trickster. Hopefully things will change with Alex's return. In light of last events, Raven seems like the least affected. Even if she cares, there is no way of knowing that since there is no going behind the walls she's erected around herself.

Whatever trouble she is having is either resolved by brute force or not simply not giving a fuck at all. Honestly, being the latest addition to the family, there is not much to say about her history. Instead, we can take a look at her interest and such... She always liked watching Alex play videogames back in the day.

Even if he was just a casual gamer, it was enough to enchant Raven. Maybe it was just spending time Alex she was interested but with his departure, Raven developed an interest to videogames herself. To a point of becoming an addict. She even streams every once in a while. It must be fun to watch something like Raven rage over a cheater for sure. When it comes to her past time activities, she is probably gaming or swimming.

She is also an avid reader when it comes to... Well... A certain genre of literature... Lets just say it involves a lot of vampires and whatnot. You can see her reading in her room. Like everywhere in her room. Floor, under the bed, top of the desk. She looses herself while reading. If we are talking stuff she likes outside her house, there is not much to state on that department.

She only hangs out with a certain group of friends and most of the time they go to a local club which only plays sub genres of metal. Maybe you'll find a way to suppress her demonic nature or be a part of it. Who knows what the future holds for you guys... Parallel Universe is the ''Technology Demo'' for our upcoming game, the Family Business.

We've tried to include most of the mechanics we will build the main game upon such as RNG Dice system, custom dialogue menus, custom main menu, phone and its interactions in the game environment (triggering events with messages) and dialogue responses in forms of stat changes. Some of the stuff you see there are mainly for us to test.

Suggesting two different clothes to Mom only to see one static outcome etc. Also, the story will of course feel disconnected since it was designed to be like that. We didn't want to spoil anything for the upcoming game so we've picked random times with random events and tried to loosely connect them together. ''This is a Large Technology Demo''.

We have tagged the game as finished because there won't be any content updates for this release. Instead we will work on the actual game after getting feedback from you guys and we are already getting some valuable information that we can shape our game with.


The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img0.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img1.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img10.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img2.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img3.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img4.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img5.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img6.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img7.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img8.webp The Family Business: Parallel Universe | MiniGame - TechDemo [v1.11 FINAL] game image: img9.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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