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The Hotel Manager [v0.3a]

The Hotel Manager [v0.3a] main image


Centers around a guy (Mr. Rogers) who takes over the management of a failing hotel. The original design was to be a resource management/business simulation game but it soon became obvious that story was far more interesting than yet another earning X pounds in Y weeks type of game. Although some game aspects are still present and the choices made will have effects within the story, the story has prevailed.While the center of the main characters attention at the beginning will be his secretary Sophie there are plenty of other female characters in the story and I plan on letting my Patreon's influence who gets the lion share of development time and welcome any suggestions they may have for how this can be made a better experience for all.


The Hotel Manager [v0.3a] game image: img0.webp The Hotel Manager [v0.3a] game image: img1.webp The Hotel Manager [v0.3a] game image: img2.webp The Hotel Manager [v0.3a] game image: img3.webp The Hotel Manager [v0.3a] game image: img4.webp The Hotel Manager [v0.3a] game image: img5.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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