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The TacoVerse Tales

The TacoVerse Tales main image


It's basically a collection of ideas that I have that aren't necessarily suitable for a game or any of my current projects. Sandcastle Secrets You, a wealthy and successful businessman in your late twenties, despite having all the riches and success you could ask for, are left feeling empty inside. Due to your intense work ethic, you have lost all connection with your family, with Aunt Nori being the only person you still have contact with. She invites you to visit, and you embark on a journey to rediscover the joys of life and reconnect with your past. Alluring Arrangment A young boy who falls in love for the first time with Amy, a classmate. After a while they end up dating each other. Despite their strong feelings for each other, their religious beliefs prohibit them from engaging in sex before marriage. However, when the pair discovers that the holy scripture doesn't mention anything about the bride's mother, t he two of them hatch up an idea... Dialect Development You are sent to a foreign country to live with a family friend. Despite the age difference, you are captivated by the beauty of your host.

Sadly she doesn't speak english. With determination and a willingness to understand, you begin to connect with your host and build a bond that transcends language. As you struggle to learn the language, you come to realize that the language of fucking is indeed universal. Beautiful Bonding You pay a surprise visit to your brother's home, hoping to find him there. However, you discover that he is away on a business trip and only his beautiful wife is at home. Despite the initial awkwardness, she kindly offers to help you with your studies and you spend the day together, focused on your education. However, as the day progresses, you find a shocking secret about the her that completely changes the dynamic of your relationship forever.


The TacoVerse Tales game image: img0.webp The TacoVerse Tales game image: img1.webp The TacoVerse Tales game image: img2.webp The TacoVerse Tales game image: img3.webp The TacoVerse Tales game image: img4.webp The TacoVerse Tales game image: img5.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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