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The Tentacularly Adorned Priestess

The Tentacularly Adorned Priestess main image


Helen's childhood dream became true after a long period when shefinally took her first steps as a nun.Having her goal up ahead in the distance, she works hard onlearning purification spells day and night.One day, when Helen comes to her senses she finds herself ina completely unfamiliar place. Soon she realizes that her nun uniformwas ripped off and she wears a set of strange lingerie instead.She feels at a loss for a while, and even worse, despite her efforts todig up her memories, she does not remember how she was brought here.'I have to escape from here either way...' Helen starts walking for an exit.At that moment, Helen has not yet noticed that the lingerie she wears is wiggling...SPOILER: Features


The Tentacularly Adorned Priestess game image: img0.webp The Tentacularly Adorned Priestess game image: img1.webp The Tentacularly Adorned Priestess game image: img2.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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