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Tokagemori Collection

Tokagemori Collection main image


Yo what's up, I've been collecting these games for a little over year-ish now and today i decided to buy the rest i was missing and thought id dump these here. I haven't been able to find a few of these newer games around, although some of the older games are here and there, they are bitch to get your hands on. This is a collection of games by developer Tokagemori.

They make games about goobers tickling girls. If you like softcore, interspecies, ugly bastard, and coercion stuff this might be up your alley. These games aren't exactly the crown of RPG Maker games, but the style is pretty unique, and animated games are decently hard to come buy. Some of the games in this game are animated, some are not.

They also come with pretty bare bones SFX, considering half of all the sounds are only one audio of like a wet traffic cone. It was annoying af getting all these games over time so atleast i can post them in a full collection now. All of these games are MTL'd by me. Yeah i know it annoying but these games don't exactly have ntr levels of plot so dont get ur boxers in a bunch.

I had to patch up quite of bit of the mtl because of some really annoying translator++ shenanigans, the usual. Please let me know if i made any oversights in the translation or could offer assistance on improving them, for instance how to translate the character names inside the menu. All but one of the games include cheatmenu The first save of all of these games is a Gallery Unlocked save I recommend Mtool if you want to cheat


Tokagemori Collection game image: img0.webp Tokagemori Collection game image: img1.webp Tokagemori Collection game image: img2.webp Tokagemori Collection game image: img3.webp Tokagemori Collection game image: img4.webp Tokagemori Collection game image: img5.webp Tokagemori Collection game image: img6.webp Tokagemori Collection game image: img7.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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