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Torrid Affairs [v0.01]

Torrid Affairs [v0.01] main image


Gage, a previously fostered child, returns home, after he fucks-up in the army. Ironically, he joined the army to get away from his home. Now, it is the only reason he can't leave.He left to escape the nothingness, which was consuming him. What he returned to, was a shady and secretive, cluster-fuck of unknowns.

Among the wake of collapse, are two exchange students. One just finishing high-school, and the other sort-of preparing to enter college. Both are mostly alone in the world, surrounded by others, but without a real place that they want to call home.


Torrid Affairs [v0.01] game image: img0.webp Torrid Affairs [v0.01] game image: img1.webp Torrid Affairs [v0.01] game image: img2.webp Torrid Affairs [v0.01] game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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