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Total Corruption

Total Corruption main image


Get used to the skin of MC and his journey. You had not easy life. Father left you when you was just a kid. Mom started to drink after divorce . Older sister tried all she could to handle situation with her cheerful attitude but it is not enough. Younger sister is just spoiled brat. And You are somewhere in the middle.

Lost. Broke. Angry at everyone. With no possible way to change it. Until recently. Father died and you are the only legal heir for all of his fortune. But there is so many people who want it too and they are really serious. So game begins and it is your only chance. Will you be able to play really dirty? Because once you start there is no turning back.

And where is the line? Will you be able hold your inner demons and take care of everyone ? Or it is time to show them who you really are and let them feel your pain? Just remember.... every decision has consequences and be careful not to fall victim to corruption yourself.‚Äč


Total Corruption game image: img0.webp Total Corruption game image: img1.webp Total Corruption game image: img2.webp Total Corruption game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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