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Trouble Comes Twice

Trouble Comes Twice main image


Trouble Comes Twice is an upcoming LGBT-friendly slice-of-life visual novel under development by indie developers Foxglove Games, featuring GxG/GxB/BxB romance options. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the game is currently live here. If successful, the full game will be released in Summer 2021. Trouble Comes Twice features two playable protagonists, the 20-year old twins Jace and Hazel. Life isn't easy when you're competing against your identical twin at every turn.

A confident flirt with a narcissistic streak, Jace has breezed through most of his life thanks to his charm and good looks but lacks ambition. On the other hand, Hazel is a talented but short-tempered pianist who has few friends due to the haughty facade she uses to hide her social awkwardness. Already halfway through their university years, the twins realize neither of them have ever been in love before.

Like any other not-so-rational person, the twins decide to turn it into a competition. Whoever gets a girlfriend/boyfriend first wins!


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