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Under Control 2

Under Control 2 main image


Delinquent girl from the foster family gets into the mysterious College instead of a jail. Now her life won't be the same. This is another story in Under Control universe, which takes place before the first game. It means you're gonna meet a few already familiar persons (if you played previous game) and a lot of new fetishes and characters. Still, the concept of the game will be different.

UC was mainly about the corruption of MC. But this time MC is a Bad Bitch, but not because she's bad - she lived through a lot of foster families and now has her issues. And now she will go to her happiness through bimbofication. Not the 'classic' bimbofication where MC becomes a dumb doll, but where she can be, you know, this lightheaded, kind, naive and happy blonde, who doesn't worry much.

In theory. But it depends on the player's choices so she can actually stay pretty the same. But will she stay happy? That's another question. So yeah, that would be another definition of being under control.


Under Control 2 game image: img0.webp Under Control 2 game image: img1.webp Under Control 2 game image: img2.webp Under Control 2 game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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