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Under Control [v0.2]

Under Control [v0.2] main image


You are 18 years old girl and your family is broken. Mom and your elder siblings can't get a job in a small town where you live. The bank will take your house soon. As your family has a very bad reputation, the entire town is against you and your siblings. And when it seems like the end of the world, your mom recieves a mysterious job offer.

She will work as a teacher at ST. JOHNES COLLEGE, old private institution. From now on, your life won't be the same.


Under Control [v0.2] game image: img0.webp Under Control [v0.2] game image: img1.webp Under Control [v0.2] game image: img2.webp Under Control [v0.2] game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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