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Waifu Tamer

Waifu Tamer header image


Waifu Tamer is a 3D Mobile Game that specializes around Character Creation, Create your 3D Girl customize her as you want.She can be loli, or teenager or a busty milf with lots of hairstyles, body shapes, skin color, eye color, etc to choose from.To create your most wanted demon, elf, angel, human, or Neko girl.


Waifu Tamer game image: img5.webp interactive incest gameWaifu Tamer game image: img4.webp Waifu Tamer game image: img3.webp Waifu Tamer game image: img0.webp Waifu Tamer game image: img1.webp interactive incest gameWaifu Tamer game image: img2.webp



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