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Waifus Smash

Waifus Smash main image


Need a game with RPG element, rhythm-based combat and Waifus? Everything here in Waifus Smash. Control your hero to explore the world, defeat the enemy and boss under the exiciting background music to save the Obhiro village from threat. Exciting rhythm-based combat with enemy and bosses Exciting combination of rock metal, techno and retro music Funny and smart sokoban-style puzzle Animated enemies and cute chibi character Beautiful background and environment Large open region and many dungeon to explore


Waifus Smash game image: img0.webp Waifus Smash game image: img1.webp Waifus Smash game image: img2.webp Waifus Smash game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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