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Whorus Heresy

Whorus Heresy main image


The game is incredibly loosely based around the Horus Heresy events of 40k. In this alternate setting the Primarchs, the main heroines of the game, have been transformed into girls by a mysterious force! It's up to you to help these girls become comfortable in their new skin, kindly or otherwise. The main idea of this game is to focus on many girls who each have individual kinks and personalities, each one done in a different narrative.

Will you bring these girls back to the Emperor's light? Or corrupt them and immerse the galaxy in Chaos?Only you have the power to decide.


Whorus Heresy game image: img0.webp Whorus Heresy game image: img1.webp Whorus Heresy game image: img2.webp Whorus Heresy game image: img3.webp Whorus Heresy game image: img4.webp Whorus Heresy game image: img5.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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