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Zombie Party

Zombie Party main image


A person observes a lively jumping penis inside a beaker. In a basement, there is a woman who has been conducting research alone for a long time. Her research, which took several years, was about reviving the body. Toko Kensaki, a researcher living in a small house in Seiso City. Driven by base desires, Toko carried out a horrifying experiment. With a combination of lesbian tendencies and a love for penises, she desperately wanted to grow a penis herself and attempted to utilize her skills in physical therapy. She mixed a special cultivation fluid imported from overseas and dedicated her days to research. She collected human bodies who chose death in a distant and vast virgin forest, transporting them to the basement to cut off their penises and attempt resurrection. And then, several years later... The research succeeded brilliantly. With a terrifying vitality firmly attached to her waist, she achieved a level of completeness that even allowed for sensory sharing. While slightly disappointed that there is no one to be her partner, she rejoiced in the ability to have sex with women now. However, Toko was still unaware that her actions would bring disaster to the town.


Zombie Party game image: img0.webp Zombie Party game image: img1.webp Zombie Party game image: img2.webp Zombie Party game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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