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The best 10 3d game games for Android

Hello and welcome to our website! Here at lustgames we host almost 5000 adult porn games of all kinds, all are available for download for free at full speed and without waiting. In this page you will find the top 10 best 3d game games for Android. We know how hard it is to find 3d game games for Android, so we decided to make this list to help everyone that is a fan of playing 3d game games on Android. We hope this list serves well, we have games for all other platforms also, just use the search button above, or simply browse our website, enjoy!

Our Apartment

Our Apartment is an expansion of the concepts in the popular The Couch, rebuilding a lot of it's features from scratch an adding a lot more.SPOILER: ExtendKeep in mind many assets mostly the environment and content here are work in progress or temporary.

The Couch

The Couch is a game about you and Naomi, who have been in a relationship for a while but lately Naomi has been acting weird. You've learned her secret and decide to confront her, Naomi being the shy type won't come out and say it so easily. What will you do?


If you love eroticism, magic and interactive cinema, you should like it!The game is based on turn-based combat and mixed elements. Opening new spells, you can create a template for the battle.SPOILER

Village of Lewd Monsters

After getting lost in the forest also being caught in a storm, a young man lost his consciousness. Suddenly he wakes up in the inn with an Arachne girl, thanks to Fenrir that rescues him from fainted in the forest. After he recovers, Fenrir decides to train him to be a better man, he also met some other monster girls in this village and forced to help them as an errand boy, of course, they pay him with some money and their body. After that he decides to live with them with a beautiful big tits monster girls, he spends his entire life in that village.

Xin Nightmare

Download Windows v0.5.2: MEGA - Mediafire - Uptobox - Openload Download Android v0.21: MEGA - Mediafire - Uptobox - Zippyshare

Fuck Nights At Fredrika's

F#&!NAF, or Fuck Nights at Fredrika's is a pornographic parody of the first Five Nights At Freddy's game. The objective of the game is to keep yourself safe from animatronics with malfunctioning AI.

Legend Of Tippoke

A simple action RPG!Just click (or tap) to play!Five (5) areas to explore! Eliminate the red warrior!Easy to play; a completionist's challenge? (Especially if you don't use hints!)17 girls! 30 illustrations! (All unique; no variations or fluff)

Waifu Tamer

Waifu Tamer is a 3D Mobile Game that specializes around Character Creation, Create your 3D Girl customize her as you want.She can be loli, or teenager or a busty milf with lots of hairstyles, body shapes, skin color, eye color, etc to choose from.To create your most wanted demon, elf, angel, human, or Neko girl.

Ancient world Gods and Men

Is an adult historical/fantasy sim game set in the Ancient Roman times

Brittany Home Alone

Futanari babe, Brittany is home alone with her toys and she needs someone to take care of her. Help Brittany reach the ultimate climax and watch her explosive cumshot in this next generation 3DX Game for Android and WebGL!